Top Solar companies on Big Island, Hawaii

On the Big Island, Hawaii, electricity bills can be a real worrysome topic. The economy and lack of available financial resources are subjects that are not only very prevalent in Hawaii, but also can cause people that are struggling to be very stressed out when their utility bills are due. People are looking less expensive options when it comes to electricity providers. Through solar companies, the option of “going green” by using solar power is available. Big Island solar companies are a resource for electricity consumers. There are several solar companies on Big Island. There is Sunrun, Sunetric and Island Pacific Energy just to name a few. These Big Island solar companies can provide customers the information and service they need to get solar power for their homes or businesses. Let’s discuss the some of the services each of these solar companies on Big Island provides its customers.

Sunrun will buy and install the solar power system for their customer’s homes. Before any installation, an evaluation is performed by a Sunrun solar specialist. The evaluation determines whether the location of the home is not covered with a lot of shade, is facing the wrong direction, or if the amount of electricity used is very low. If the customer’s site passes the evaluation, a Sunrun representative calls the potential customer and makes an appointment for the installation of the solar power system. For the installation, the customer little or no money down. As for the maintenance of the system, Sunrun will typically monitor the panels, provide panel maintenance and make any panel repairs when needed. The customer will pay a monthly fee for the electricity that the Sunrun solar power system produces. Sunrun charges as little as $0 down for switching to solar power. The customer pays a fixed monthly rate for 20 years and saves thousands of dollars in electrical bills.

Sunetric helps their customers with information on any state and federal incentives for solar power system installation. Sunetric offers free solar evaluations to potential customer’s homes and/or businesses. A trained Sunetric representative will go to the customer’s site to evaluate it and the electricity usage rate. The Sunetric rep will then go over a few solar system installation and financing options, at the same time consider the needs and financial situation of the customer. Sunetric works with several financial institutions that provide customers with residential and commercial solar financing options to help with the cost of solar power systems.

Island Pacific Energy offers customers a no-money-down, pay-as-you-save program for their solar systems. Island Pacific Energy financing options helps customers immediately benefit from the state and federal solar tax credits while reducing the amount of the monthly energy bill. According Island Pacific Energy, this means the customer begins to save money as soon as their home solar power system is installed.

These are but a few Big Island solar companies. There are many more available. If you want a simple way to see if any of the above Big Island solar installers service your area, Solar Hawaii can put you directly in touch with these and other reputable and professional Big Island solar installers who can help you go solar easily and economically.

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