How Difficult is Going Solar In Hawaii?

Sunny Hawaii has a big problem. Relying on fossil fuels for their power, Hawaii has the highest electricity rates in the country, almost twice what the next highest state pays. The reliance on fossil fuels has many Hawaiian residents feeling frustrated, but there is hope. Hawaii solar power is quickly becoming a real option for saving money, and going green is easier than you might think.

In Hawaii solar energy has been somewhat under utilized by residents. This is partly to do with the costs associated with solar power equipment, and also the lack of education about how solar energy can help residents. Photovoltaic solar panels use the sun’s energy to produce electricity. These panels can be placed on homes to harness the sun’s power and eliminate the need for fossil fuel energy.

Hawaii solar installers can provide the photovoltaic panels to meet your energy needs, and then some. With a process called net metering, any excess power your panels produce are placed back on the grid, and you are given credits for these. If you find a time when your panels have not produced enough power for your needs, you simply use your credits. This could completely eliminate your electric bill, saving you thousands every year.

One reason Hawaii solar power is not utilized more often is that people see the initial costs as being too high. With advances in the production of solar panels, the cost is coming down. Federal and state tax exemptions have been put in place to help offset the cost of solar panel installation. These exemptions could mean that you would get thousands of dollars back in tax refunds for the purchase and installation of solar panels. For example, the federal Investment Tax Credit allows individuals to deduct 30% of the cost of a solar system from individual federal income taxes and Hawaii offers a a tax credit of 35% of project costs or $5,000 (whichever is less) for single family residences to install solar power.

Hawaii solar installers will assess each resident’s individual needs and offer the most efficient, cost saving solutions for the home. Many companies even make payment arrangements to suit each individual’s situation. They are willing to work with customers because they want to see an end to Hawaii’s dependence on expensive, dangerous fossil fuels. Ending this dependence is a real possibility, but only if more people switch to alternative fuels such as solar power.

Once the panels are installed, they will do all the work for you. Gathering the energy of the sun by day, utilizing the extra credits at night, working to save you money. It is an easy way to help end the need for fossil fuels, and still have enough power for your daily needs.

With Hawaii’s sunny weather, this is the most obvious place to utilize solar energy. Hawaii solar energy is abundant and sustainable without causing further damage to the planet. It is time for a change to solar power, and with today’s photovoltaic technology, it has never been easier to go green in the Aloha state!

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