How to lease solar in Hawaii

How to lease solar in HawaiiSolar power has become increasingly popular for residents in Hawaii in recent years, and there are a number of reasons for this. Hawaii solar energy is widely known to be far more affordable than standard electricity, and many people are installing Oahu solar panels in their homes to enjoy drawing free energy from the sun. Purchasing a solar energy system, however, comes with considerable up-front expense and it may not be affordable for some residents to purchase a system. Because of this, some individuals are interested in a Hawaii solar lease rather than a straight purchase. Whether a homeowner wants to lease or purchase a solar energy system, solar installers in Hawaii can be scheduled for service to review the options in greater detail and to help a homeowner make a wise, informed decision.

The Initial Step
Homeowners who are interested in signing a Hawaii solar lease need to contact a company that offers solar leases. Solar installers in Hawaii that offer leases, such as those located through, will work with the homeowner ever step of the way to obtain the necessary permits and to complete the entire installation. Whether service is needed for Oahu solar installation or installation in another area of Hawaii, a solar installation team will work with the homeowner to determine which type of equipment is best, to structure the lease so that it is affordable for the homeowner and to ensure that all permits are in order. Keep in mind that there is typically not an up-front fee required to sign a lease. Unlike with a purchase where the homeowner needs to make a large payment for the purchase of equipment, the homeowner who signs a lease only needs to make affordable monthly payments.

The Long-Term Features of a Lease
The terms of a Hawaii solar lease can vary, so homeowners should pay close attention to the terms of their lease. They should take time to read through the lease and to ask questions if they are unclear about the terms. In many cases, Oahu solar leases and leases in other areas of Hawaii will extend for several years or longer in length. The leases typically will have an extension clause, and the homeowner may choose to extend the lease term once the initial term has expired, Many of these leases also enable the individual to purchase the equipment after the initial term has expired.

There are many benefits that homeowners can enjoy by signing a Hawaii solar lease rather than purchasing the equipment on their own. A lease is a more cost-effective and streamlined option to consider, and homeowners can easily locate reputable installers who can assist with the lease process through

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