What Makes Hawaii a Great Place for a Home Solar System?

If you’re living in Hawaii, chances are you are looking for ways to cut down on your energy consumption. Due to the location of Hawaii, it must create its own electrical grid through the use of imported fossil fuels. Due to this, there is no backup system and it can actually end up costing the local electrical companies far more money in order to produce the necessary electricity. In order to cut down on the overall cost of your monthly utility bill, it is necessary to install solar panels on the home. These solar panels are going to help produce electricity for your house, which saves you a good deal of money. On top of it all, if you produce enough electricity, not only will you cut the overall cost of your energy bills down, but you might just end up making some money off of the solar power production, making it a fantastic investment for your home. According to Honolulu Civil Beat, the cost of electricity in Hawaii is over double the cost of what the mainland is (October 2011 costing 27.8 kilowatt per hour against 11.5 on the mainland). This just shows you how much more you’ll spend in Hawaii.

Hawaii solar energy is such a great opportunity to you as Hawaii is almost constantly in sunlight. Outside of the night time and occasional clouds that never seem to last very long, you’re able to have constant access to the sun throughout the year, no matter the season. Due to this, you’ll never have substantial down time with the solar equipment, so you never have to worry about the panels not generating the necessary power which you rely on. With the constant access to solar energy, and the fact energy bills are so high in Hawaii, opting into the HI solar energy panels are a good way to save thousands of dollars after you have paid off the overall price of a home solar system cost.

After you have had the home solar system installed in the house, you need to then go about learning how to read the Hawaii solar installers equipment and how you are able to read the information. Once you know all of this, you are able to go about determining how much money you need to pay the electrical company, or how much the electrical company is going to end up needing to pay you.

For starters, there is the overall energy produced number right on the meter, located on the outside of your house and directly connected to the HI solar installers equipment. The total number is the amount of electricity you have used since the equipment was first installed. When you begin to scroll through the options, you’ll come across the total amount of electricity you’ve used over the past month. When you push the scroll button again (the button on the left side of the control panel on the meter) it shows you exactly how much you’ve produced, using the solar paneling equipment. From there, if you push the scroll through button again, it is going to show you the total, which is going to give you either the amount of electricity you still owe the electrical company, or the amount the company must pay you back. This is a great way to monitor your current energy consumption, so if the end of the monthly billing statement is coming up, you’re able to reduce the amount of electricity you consume, which is going to help improve your chances of not paying anything for your monthly utility bill, or at least greatly reduce it.

The state of Hawaii is a great state to install a home solar system, not just because it is so expensive to consume energy produced in the area, but also because of the constant sunlight.

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