Top 3 Reasons why electricity is so high in Hawaii

As a resident of Hawaii, you know first-hand just how expensive the cost of living is. While real estate values may be reasonable, everything from clothing, food, cars and more are largely imported to the island. This creates a situation where the cost of living on the HI islands is far more expensive than it is to live in most locations on the mainland. It is common for many people across the United States to complain about the high cost of electricity bills. However, the cost of electricity in Hawaii is considerably higher than in other areas of the United States. You may have been wondering why electricity is so high in Hawaii. There are three main reasons why electricity costs are high in this area. By learning what these reasons are, you may learn that there is a relatively easy way you can save money on your electricity bill in Hawaii.

  1. Petroleum-Based Energy – According to the Environmental Protection Agency, over 82 percent of Hawaii’s electricity is produced through petroleum-fired power plants. This essentially means that as gas prices in areas across the country have skyrocketed, the price of electricity in Hawaii has also skyrocketed. It is interesting to note that petroleum-fired power plants account for the smallest source of electricity in the United States with the exception of Hawaii where it is the main source of electricity.
  2. Importing Petroleum – As you might imagine, petroleum must be shipped onto the HI islands for use as gasoline for cars as well as for use in petroleum-fired power plants. The need to import the state’s main fuel source only adds to the cost associated with use electricity in their homes. The islands are located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, approximately 2,000 miles from the mainland. Importing oil from the mainland or from other countries can be significantly expensive.
  3. The Climate – Another key element to consider with regards to the high cost of electricity in Hawaii is the climate. The islands are known for their generally warm and sunny climate. With their location sitting in the middle of the ocean, Hawaiian islands also experience high levels of humidity. In order to remain cool and comfortable inside their homes, Hawaiians generally run their air conditioning system year round. The air conditioner is one of the largest sources of energy consumption in a home. It is estimated that the average home in the mainland United States uses about 2,500 KWHs each year in electricity. In Hawaii, however, the average house uses approximately 4,300 KWHs.

You can see that electricity in Hawaii is more expensive to generate and use, and it is also in higher demand in Hawaii than in many other areas of the United States. These combined factors create a situation where many Hawaiians are paying far more for their electricity bill than their counterparts on the mainland. One option to consider to make electricity more affordable is to use HI solar power. Solar power allows homeowners to generate their own source of electricity locally. With the abundance of sunshine the state enjoys, solar energy is a great solution that can save homeowners money on their electricity expense.

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