Top 5 Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill in Oahu

People’s experience and knowing what they do to lower electric bill can help you gain a powerful perspective on how to save electricity and thereby money in the long run. If you live on Oahu, the following tips will show you different ways to help lower your electric bill for good:

Use More Sunlight

Every saving decision is actually the combination of a number of small – perhaps taken for granted – choices. For example, you recognize that every load of clothes needs a dryer running on 220 volts for 45 minutes that accounts for a big chunk of the electric bill. Then maybe it’s time for you to switch to natural dryer – the sunlight. For people who haven’t yet realized the usefulness of warm weather, drying clothes outside make them fresh, odor-free and clean.

Turn the Lights Off

Unless you are running a business from your home that needs ample lighting for decoration purpose, you will probably need to turn the lights off after you are done using them. This task isn’t necessarily a slogan, but it can be a concise and functional explanation for why the electric bills can be eventually low. Also, considering the beautiful weather on Oahu, it makes sense to keep your lights off as much as possible and just enjoy natural lighting throughout your home.


Most homes are designed with good ventilation in mind, so unless you are in Alaska or in a vacation home in the Antarctic region (which, fortunately, you are not – yeah Hawaii!), there is no need of electric appliances to keep the room warm or cold. Old homes with drafty windows, doors and non-insulated walls should be replaced with newer ones, in case you experience the needed heat dissipating out of the house. Even if the electric furnaces are being used, having proper ventilation can reduce utility bill and headache.

Replace Electric Range with Propane Stove

At your favorite fast food joint, you are not only offered a delicious meal, but the one that has charcoal or bbq flavor on it. Kitchens at homes can be turned into a creative place by using propane gas stoves or bbq ovens instead of electric stoves. By making use of low cost gas appliances, you and your family can have a great time besides saving money on the electric bill. One other point to keep in mind is that this concept works well for homeowners who have large backyard and want to get the best bang for their bucks.

Energy Star Appliances Can Reduce Your Utility Bill

All the major appliances on your home add up to the cost of electricity in your final bill. And if you are an antique collector with lots of old appliances still running around the house, you are making the electric company rich and popular. Over the years, federal authority has come up with new rules and regulations regarding the use of such appliances, such as mandatory use of minimum efficiency standards, to bring down the cost of energy and conserve it across businesses and residences in the country. So, in that respect, today’s appliances are more energy-efficient and use half the amount of energy used in the earlier versions. The less energy we use, the less the impact on the environment which means more energy in the future and less pollution.

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