Net Metering – Making Hawaii Solar Power More Affordable

Throughout the islands business and residents alike are faced with rapidly increasing costs when buying electricity from HELCO. As fossil fuel prices have rocketed over the half-decade, so have energy costs throughout the state of Hawaii.

A state initiative to curb the use of fossil fuel to create electricity for the islands is in place. Hawaii solar power is one main resolve to the ever increasing costs for energy. Hawaii solar energy has been in use for decades on the islands. Existing, predominantly, in the outlying areas and, too, with prudent residents where they enjoy their savings. In some cases, these solar users are making money back from HELCO.

When you contact any on the list of Hawaii solar installers for additional information to go green and cut, or eliminate, your electric bill, ask about getting paid monthly by HELCO. The electric meter will turn in both directions. This is called “net metering.” During the day, as your solar panels create power and you leave the house to work, setting your A/C to a conservative level will diminish electric consumption. Your “net meter” will, in many cases, turn backwards. This power produced in excess is sent through your lines for other HELCO customers’ usages. Later, when you turn on more appliances and use more power, the meter will turn forward. The “net meter” determines if you provide more electricity than you consume. Over time your solar energy could pay you a profit. Often times you’ll get a credit on any future bills or it just stops at zero. Hawaii solar installers have information regarding the current rates where HELCO will pay for the extra power your Hawaii solar power generates and you don’t use.

Hawaii solar energy is a choice to save you money and, in turn, aid in the state of Hawaii’s “Hawaii Global Warning Solutions Act.” The goal is, by the year 2020, return to electrical production equaling the state’s power levels measured in 1990. The long term desire of Hawaii is for all islands to be 70% self-reliant ten years later (2030).

Residents and businesses throughout the state wishing to obtain more information should visit Solar Hawaii. We are here to aid in your getting legitimate answers and quotes for Hawaii solar energy. Whether you have a business in Pearl City or live in Pahoa and everywhere in between, there are Hawaii solar installers ready to give you all the facts. This is part of an effort to coordinate and simplify Hawaiians’ search for answers and aid you in understanding the costs/savings ratios, as well. They can also explain what incentives are current for Hawaii solar power installation and usage. HELCO has various types of rebates and other financial benefits when a business or resident installs solar power in their buildings and homes.

The next time you go walking a trail, swimming a beach or visiting the market, think of how much can improve in only a few years. As your neighbors, shop keepers, cafes and grocers convert to Hawaii’s “green” initiative, this paradise will be even more beautiful.

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