Hawaii Solar 101: The Solar Lease

The benefits of solar energy are easy to identify. Unlike oil or coal, finite resources that will only go up in price as they get scarcer, solar energy is limitless. In fact, solar power is already a cheaper way to power your home. Benefits to the environment are another strong reason to consider leasing solar power. No longer will you be contributing to the pollution that coal power plants produce. Nuclear energy comes with substantial risk and creates waste that will endanger the environment for centuries after it is produced. Wind power takes up large amounts of space, depends on location far too much, and is expensive to maintain and install. Solar power is truly the way to deal with with the ever increasing costs of energy, and the savings it generates are icing on the cake!

The sunny island state of Hawaii offers a solar lease that works much like any other lease, except that the upfront cost is very affordable. Median sized houses will cost you $15,000 to $25,000 to install. Leasing these panels will cost you nothing upfront. Instead of being out that huge chunk of money you can allow your energy savings to more than pay you for the price of the lease over time. Consider that in Hawaii you spend 36 cents per kilowatt of power consumed. For an average use household that’s over $75,000 dollars for the next 25 years. Leasing is an obvious way to save a vast sum of money without the upfront costs making it impossible to install. Hawaii solar power is installed in your home by the owners of the panel at no cost. When the solar lease is completed you start saving instantly!

Hawaii solar energy includes very durable panels that won’t disrupt the flow of your life in the slightest. They are built to last and carefully installed. Maintenance will never be a concern because there simply won’t be any. Once the Hawaii solar energy panels are installed there is little else to do. There is no reason to use energy any differently than you normally would.

Most state and local governments offer tax rebates and credits for using Hawaiian solar power. While users need to look into whether or not the owner of the panels is planning on claiming this credit for themselves, the majority of those leasing will be eligible to save even more. Should you not use all of the electricity that you produce, energy credits can be sold back to the power company because you are producing electricity with every moment of sunshine. Perhaps the most substantial benefit of Hawaii solar power is that when a storm or downed power line knocks your grid offline you will still be fully powered from the energy your panels will produce. This is an invaluable tool in protecting your property and ensuring that you will be able to stay safe in a world where electric power is the difference between darkness and light.

If you want a simple way to talk to different Hawaii solar companies that offer a solar lease, Solar Hawaii can put you directly in touch with these providers to help you go solar easily and economically.

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