Top solar companies in Maui, Hawaii

If you are thinking of reducing your monthly electrical bill and help save the planet at the same time, you might want to start thinking about installing solar panels. They will be able to give you great savings and at the same time reduce your carbon footprint that you are leaving on the world. If you are staying in Maui, you will be sure to have wonderful sun most of the time year round. Take advantage of this and use the suns natural energy to help power your homes. Saving money from your monthly electrical bills also means that you will have more to spend on other items, you might want to purchase for your home.

Rising Sun Solar is one of the best Maui solar companies for a number of reasons. Since they have a reputation for only the best quality and service, this company has striven to be the number one choice to hire from the list of Maui solar companies. They have been operating for over nine years, and during this time they have been constantly been in the headlines, including etting their name into Inc Magazine’s top 500 companies.

If you are looking for a company that has been around in the industry for a very long time, you might want to look at Haleakala Solar. This company has been around for decades, and to top things off they are now merging with another leading brand, Solar Wave, to control close to around two thirds of the market in Maui. This really makes them the biggest and most well-known brands among Maui solar companies. You can be ensured that your solar panel installation will not have any problems for years to come.

Maui Solar Energy Systems is another company that you can look into, if you are looking for both design and functionality. They have been installing solar panels for high end homes for close to three decades. They are known to use solar panels that are smaller, lighter, and more efficient. This makes the panels they are using value for money, and by being more efficient your energy requirements will be taken care off. The best thing about using their panels is the fact that they look beautiful on any roof; this is something that not many other Maui solar companies will be able to achieve.

Sunrun is also a company that is making headlines in the local papers for being the best value for money. They are certainly one of the top solar companies in terms of service and the solar packages that they are offering. If you are on a budget, but you are thinking of getting solar power, this really is the company you want to get in contact with as they offer very attractive leasing packages. Paying a small monthly fee to have a solar panel installed is one of the best deals on the market.

There really is no shortage of companies that you can choose from. Maui solar installers are easy to find and you can always compare all their rates before hiring them. Before you decide on hiring the Maui solar installers you are interested in, look at all the special deals, which they are offering. You will also want to check if they offer any warranties that come along with the solar panels. Most Maui solar installers will offer these warranties for a very long time, and this gives you the ease of mind that you will be able to enjoy clean energy for a long time.

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