Why is electricity so expensive in Hawaii?

The average household in America uses around 2,500 KWHs per year for their electricity. However, in the state of Hawaii, the average family uses around 4,300 KWH per year, making it the highest utility prices in the country. The average family in Hawaii is paying around .32 per KWH, which is extremely high. Why are Hawaii electric bills so high?

As the price of oil continues to increase, the prices of electric also increase. Because Hawaii is a series of Islands, everything must be shipped into this location. The gasoline prices are at an all-time high and this makes the electricity at its peak. What are residents to do when faced with insurmountable utility bills and no end in sight? High Hawaii electric bills can be a real source of financial problems for homeowners.

For starters, Hawaii is an island that has plenty of sunshine, which means plenty of air conditioning must be used. The year round use of air conditioning is one reason why utility bills are so high. Rather than running the air at full capacity, opt for turning the temperature up and using fans. Fans use a lot less energy and can circulate the already cool air. For those who live near the water, it may be an option to turn the air off all together and opt for the total use of fans.

The number of people can greatly affect the home utility bills. The more people mean more laundry and more energy costs. The hot water heaters are a significant source of electricity and can drastically increase an electric bill. Try switching to a solar water heater. A solar water heater will pay for itself in around four years. The drastic savings they provide make them a viable option for lower electric bills.

Washing the clothes takes another great deal of energy. Making sure to wash clothes in cold will allow the hot water heater to stay off and thus save energy. Another way to lower electric bills is to switch from regular light bulbs to CFS. While they are a bit more expensive to purchase, the overall savings can be up to 75 percent. These bulbs will last up to ten times longer than a traditional bulb, and when doing the numbers it is easy to see these are a smart choice.

The biggest way to save money on the electricity is to change out old energy hogging appliances for more energy efficient ones. From the refrigerator, washer, dryer and stove, there is a great deal of savings that can come from simple replacements. Old refrigerators run all the time and do not have the energy efficient components that the new ones do. Look for the energy star sticker when purchasing appliances.

There are many ways to help lower the costs of electricity. While the views from the island are priceless, the cost of living is not. Unfortunately, Hawaii is known for having a high cost of living right down to the electricity. The key is to reduce and look for other sources of energy, like solar. Solar in Hawaii has blossomed because the cost of electricity is so high but also because the cost of solar in HI is declining and there are more and more solar installers in HI offering attractive financing packers for Hawaiians to go solar. Living in the most beautiful state has its setbacks, but investing in solar can really lower electric bills and put more money in your pocket and enjoy paradise even more!

So if you live in Hawaii are looking for a lower electric bill, send Solar Hawaii a request and we’ll have several reputable, professional HI solar installers contact you directly to see if going solar makes sense for you!


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